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If you already have eyelash extensions applied, you can still give false eyelashes a try, especially if you use a gentle lash glue that you can remove without damaging your extensions.After that, you can go about daily life and get back to the gym.By using these eyelashes you can make your eyes look wider and sensational.

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Can you wear mascara or eye makeup while you have lash extensions.It seems a strange thing to be allergic to, but you definitely can be allergic to eyelash extensions — or, well, not the extensions themselves, but the glue, especially those glues containing.The main method of applying the extensions is by using an adhesive glue to individually stick the extensions to the eyelash line.

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It does not clump easily and is a strong eyelash extension glue whose bond can last up to six weeks.But if this is your first time doing it, you might be unsure of how to start and what the process is.To clean your lashes add a drop of washing up liquid to hot water and gently rub the lashes.


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About 72% of these are false eyelashes, 16% are hair extension, and 2% are hair extension tools.You can 29 jul 2016 the active ingredient in all eyelash extension adhesives is when carrying out an treatment use a foil covered glue ring and replace best from your will give clients longer.I will tell you why You can wear False eyelashes for a short period of time, while eyelashes extension will help you to grow your lashes and brows denser, darker and beautiful.A wide variety of color hair extensions glue options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.I have been doing Eyelash Extensions for 8 years I think it is important to use a sensitive glue for pregnant women.

How to do your eyelash extensions at home DIY By Anna Bey April, 2014 50 Comments. You are using hair glue on your lash line.This is because makeup and eye makeup removers which have oil can affect the strength of the bond between the lash and the extension.If an artist claims to be able to apply a full set in less than an hour.

To give a ravishing look to your eyes, you can use the following eyelashes extensions.

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These eyelashes are easy to use and are almost available everywhere at a fair price.Over the last several years the eyelash industry has been growing at an exponential pace.With proper care, I can get my extensions to last up to a month and a half.Generally safe and well tolerated, if you can afford high quality eyelash extensions and manage a bit more hair during hot months, they can add style and drama to your new mom look.

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During application, the extension lash and the glue should not touch the eyelid.For each type, eyelashes are available in varied lengths, colours and thicknesses, from natural-looking to outrageous.This is because frequent use of eyelash extensions can damage the hair follicles responsible for eyelash growth and maintenance.In most of the cases, the package of eyelash extensions or false eyelashes contains their own glue.Eyelash extensions applied with Stays-On-Glue are virtually carefree but there are a few precautions one should take in order to gain the maximum performance of their lash extensions.As a result many types, names, styles, and verbiage have been created and in an effort to clear things up below are the differences between all eyelash extensions.

I use hair bonding glue for my eye lashes at home and it works a billion times better for me then duo.Anyone of any age can have eyelash extensions applied as long as there is a natural lash to glue the extension onto.Permanent lashes, additionally called hair extensions applied with a stronger adhesive.

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The glue used to fix them in place is commonly formaldehyde-based, may have rubber latex or some other type of biologically acceptable glue.Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

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Eyelash extensions made of synthetic fibers can also be quite similar to natural ones and as a general rule they are more affordable.Eyelash glue is made for fake eyelashes being applied to your eyelids, hair glue is made for your hair.A good lash artist will only be attaching one lash at a time, which means getting eyelash extensions is a lengthy process.Instead of using false eyelashes, you should go for Eyelashes Extensions. glue on extensions

You may break down the glue and cause your extensions to shed off more quickly than normal.